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Bobbi Steiner 

Meet the our Lead Florist! Once Rachael and Chris expanded the business and Bobbi was here in Florida full time it was a given that she would leave her 9-5 job to join the team! Bobbi has a love for gardening and flowers! She is self taught and has had so much fun in the last year learning and expanding her talent! When she is not building floral arrangements she is hanging by the beach or being Bebe to the little ones creating memories and living a fun Florida life! 


Rachael & Christopher Dew 

Meet the Owners of I Dew Events and River District Florals. We opened I Dew Events up in 2016 as a planning company and in 2020 they expanded to offer our couples a one stop shop with flowers and rentals! They both graduated from FGCU with Hospitality degrees and have a background in country clubs. With over 10 years in events under their belt its easy to say they LOVE what they do! With two little ones at home their life is non-stop busy. They have fun! LOVE weddings and try their best to make an experience when couples hire them! 


Monica Garcia  

Monica is our everything girl! She is crossed trained from our planning side to the flower side! She is our Lead Planner but during the weeks spends her time in the shop building and designing on our flower team! She is a mama to two amazing kids and is always up for adventures with them! She is amazing with weddings and loves to ensure that the bride's vision comes to life! She brings a smile to all and we are so lucky to have her! 


Brent & Sean  

These two are our rental guys! They build, deliver, design, and create! They do just about everything - Hey you can even catch these two prepping flowers and working on greens when we are super busy! They are the ones that make us laugh and keep the ladies working hard! They are two of the hardest workers and always are open for learning a new project! I don't think either one thought they would be doing weddings but they are rockstars and we love having the both of them part of the

I Dew Events Family! 

Helene, Karen, Brooke & Hannah

There are a few faces of the team that are missing! Goal this summer is to get new pictures so you can meet them too! Heleen and Karen are right there with Bobbi as her side chicks! They are designers and builders and gosh can they work with flowers! They LOVE what they do! Both found us and we are lucky to have them! As for Brooke and Hannah they are the glue to it all! They are both cross-trained to help with flowers, rentals and wedding planning! They pull inventory, set up events, help green and prep flowers but you for sure will see them at weddings! Both students in the medical field we love have them part of team why rooting them on through their schooling! 

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